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We have worked with various levels of management to develop company policies and procedures, and ​employee handbooks for the protection of the company and the safety of it's employees.We have built accounting  and administrative teams to provide support to various department heads and many levels of management, including owners.   We know how to adapt to ever-changing needs, and know the best plans need to be flexible in order to meet your customer's requirements, which applies not only to your customers but also to your accountant, banker, and attorney, as well as union reps and others who impact your business on a daily basis.
Industry Experience:
​​We have provided specialty accounting and administrative support for many of the top construction trades and unions in the Midwest region including electrical, excavation, floor covering, metal fabrication, machinists, millwrights, pipe fitters, and boilermakers, who completed construction projects in industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, food services, education, steel, water treatment, municipality and transportation.

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Specialty Experience:
We can help with year-end reporting, securing a Line of Credit or equipment loan, bidding on a contract with special requirements you have not previously had to provide.  ​​We have worked side by side with large accounting firms, bankers, lenders, attorneys (contract, legal, professional,) insurance agencies (business/work comp, receivables), investors, unions, and bonding companies, and can assist you with every facet and phase of your business.

With our 35 years of experience, we have the skills and tools to help you work through the toughest project.
Union Signatory & Reporting Experience:
We have worked with various unions, including: Sheet Metal Local 73, Pipefitters Local 597, Millwrights/ Carpenters - IL Local 1693 IN/KY/OH Local 1076, Carpenters IL Local 1175, Boilermakers IL Local 1 & IN Local 374), Ceramic Tile Layers IL local 21, Electricians - Cook Local 134  & Will Local 176, Dupage Local 701, Lake 150, Ironworkers IL Local 1 & IN Local 395, Laborers IL Local 75 & IN Local 41  & Operators Local 150.